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ALL ABOARD! This is your ticket to a railway adventure – a legendary railway museum in a stunning country now firmly back on the international tourist map – Sierra Leone.


The Sierra Leone National Railway Museum has a remarkable story of luck, war and shelter, enthusiasm and recovery. This priceless collection of British-built trains survived over 30 years hidden in a derelict railway workshop and is now an engine for the country's economic growth.


We hope you will join us in Freetown soon; but if you can’t, click around and see how you too can support or join us on our incredible journey. It starts here - and we'd like you to come too.



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The Friends of the Sierra Leone National Railway Museum is a registered charity support group based in the UK with representatives of its board of Trustees located in Sierra Leone. 


The FoSLNRM is grateful for the continued support and investment in the partnership by the Government of Sierra Leone and its tourist development agency, Visit Sierra Leone.


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